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iTCCS Accounts Receivable

iTCCS Accounts Receivable provides districts with the ability to track receivables and generate invoices. This automated system posts the invoices as receivables and revenue in the general ledger in the iTCCS Finance application. As payments are posted in Accounts Receivable, the status of the invoice is updated, and cash receipt transactions are posted in Finance.

The application provides security features, such as restricting certain users to billing specific customers, requiring a purchase order for billing, and the ability to inactivate customers. Customers can also be designated as eligible for advance invoicing. Many reports can be generated in both summary and detail for aged invoice and aged payment information.

Many extras are included, such as an interface that allows you to upload a PC file directly into the Accounts Receivable application to be used for billing purposes.


  • Generate, inquire on, and correct invoices
  • Generate PDF customer statements and vendor invoices
  • Perform advanced invoice processing
  • Create credit and debit memos
  • Maintain district and customer data
  • Accommodate full and partial payments
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Advanced Invoice Report
  • Aged Payment Reports
  • Aging Reports
  • Aging Reports by Organization
  • Customer Notices
  • Customer Report
  • Customer Statements
  • Print Invoices
  • Purge Invoices
  • And many more...

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is a cooperative of 19 Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) serving 875 districts across the state and over 1.1 million Texas students. For over 45 years the TCC with the TxEIS and iTCCS systems has been the leader in delivering products and services that support Texas LEAs in managing student and business information. Going forward, the TCC will continue to enhance its suite of products, building on our success as the leader in the state in compliance and reporting, further empowering the LEAs to easily make informed decisions and engage stakeholders through powerful yet flexible tools and applications.

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