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iTCCS Budget & BCR

iTCCS Budget provides an automated, accurate, efficient means of preparing a next year budget by allowing you to project percentage increases or decreases as an analysis tool. The last year budget is maintained, and the next year beginning budget is produced and can be amended. These budgets provide figures for an ongoing process of budget preparation, review, revision, and approval.

The Budget application is based on the current Finance application, but it provides much flexibility in tailoring budgets to meet a wide range of needs and situations. With each budget update, reports can be produced. Once changes are made, recalculations occur automatically, and the new budget will reflects all applicable changes. This process can be repeated until a final budget is adopted, and manual recalculation are never needed. Data can be entered and viewed in a variety of formats, and worksheets and inquiry features are also available.

The Budget application also allows you to amend the current year budget. Upon approval, the amendment can be interfaced automatically to the general ledger in Finance, producing a system- generated journal entry for the difference between the amended figures and the existing amounts in Finance.

Budget Change Request (BCR) - iTCCS BCR is a subsystem that allows designated employees to request that monies be moved from one budget code to another. When a budget change is requested, the funds are transferred from one budget code to another through a work flow process, including a list of approvers, before the change is actually made to the general ledger. Email messages are automatically sent to each approver when a BCR is pending his approval.


  • Maintain, inquire on, and amend the current year budget
  • Maintain next year tables
  • Change account numbers, including mass changes
  • Automatically post the budget to the Finance general ledger
  • Automatically update the general ledger upon board approval
  • Set campus-level permissions for users
  • Mass change or mass delete funds
  • Upload the budget from a PC file
  • Maintain campus-level budget entries
  • Modify all budget account entries by mask criteria
  • Move next year amounts from the budget master to the general ledger
  • Move next year amounts to existing general ledger for appropriations
  • Move amended amounts for current years
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Budget Mask Conversion
  • Change Fund/Year/Organization for Budget Accounts
  • Create/Update Budget File from General Ledger
  • Mandated Programs Schedule for Budget
  • Reinitialize Budget Master for Next Year
  • And many more...

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