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iTCCS Finance

iTCCS Finance provides tools for automated maintenance of a district's financial records, and assists in controlling district monies in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidelines. From daily transactions, to ending accounting periods, to closing out a calendar or fiscal year, the Finance application allows you to easily accomplish all necessary tasks and processes.

Basic functions such as encumbering and liquidating purchase orders, posting cash receipts, making journal entries, and monitoring account balances are available. You can record checks produced manually or print checks using the application. Many financial reports are available, and you can print on customized forms such as check stock and 1099s.

The Finance application incorporates all state and federal regulations for financial accounting, while allowing each district the flexibility to implement its unique operational practices.


  • Amend current year budget, but not post to general ledger until board approval
  • Group funds by bank account
  • Inactivate a vendor or an account code
  • Post credit memos for automatically processed check
  • Maintain accrued payables
  • Facilitate Automated Clearing House (ACH) and electronic checks
  • Automatically generate a liability accounts when a new salary account is created
  • Interface Budget to the general ledger
  • Auto-assign numbers to vendors
  • Auto-void checks
  • Reconcile by bank account
  • Generate computer and in-house checks
  • Inquire pm vendor/PO information and check payments
  • Interface between Finance and Requisition
  • Mass change account codes
  • Mass reverse and mass delete POs and credit memos
  • Open multiple accounting periods for posting
  • Maintain individual files for each year of transactions
  • Force journal entries to be balanced within funds
  • Accept partial and full payments, with PO and PA check processing
  • Generate PDF checks with logo and signatures, customized per district, including on-demand checks
  • Facilitate positive pay processing
  • Allow security access for budget-only or actual-only journal entries
  • Print vendor name and DBA name on checks and 1099s
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • 1099 Forms/Tape
  • Board Reports
  • Budget Status by Organizations or Program
  • Capital Outlay Reports
  • Cash Position by Bank
  • Check Registers/Payments Listings
  • Checks
  • Create Positive Pay Disk
  • Detail Ledgers - Monthly/Year-to-Date/Selective
  • Finance Journals
  • General Ledger Fund Transfer/Copy/Delete
  • Outstanding Purchase Orders
  • Trial Balance/Working Trial Balance
  • Vendor List/Labels/Analysis/Mass Delete
  • And many more...

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