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iTCCS Payroll

iTCCS Payroll allows you to easily accomplish district payroll tasks, including paying employees, producing all mandated reports, and expensing costs associated with payroll. You can produce paychecks which are based on accurate gross salaries, deductions, and net pay amounts for each employee. The application includes tools for producing supplemental pay runs, as well as adjusting budget codes and leave for previous payrolls, producing regular paychecks during a standard pay run, voiding checks, and issuing individual checks. It provides all mandated reports, and expenses payroll costs to the Finance general ledger.

The Payroll allows you to input data logically, and then produce accurate paychecks automatically. Many district-level options and code tables can be set, which allow you to establish criteria that works for the entire district, as well as individual employee data needed to ensure that each paycheck is accurate.

Each employee's paycheck reflects gross pay, deductions, leave taken, Teacher Retirement System (TRS) contributions, workers' compensation amounts, federal income tax, unemployment tax, and many more factors that determine the net pay amount. All federal and state reporting is provided, such as TRS, TWC Quarterly reports, and W-2 reporting. The iTCCS Payroll application is fully PEIMS compliant.


  • Handle multiple payroll frequencies (monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly)
  • Handle non-TRS payments
  • Mass generate hours and overtime hours information for groups of employees
  • Run multiple adjustments on paychecks
  • Track substitute time, link substitute to teacher, and pay different substitute rates based on education/certification of the substitute
  • Accrue salaries and benefits
  • Perform leave sequencing and leave accounting for the teacher and substitute
  • Automatically generate payroll liability checks
  • Process savings bonds, direct deposits, and EFT file transmissions
  • Interfacing with a third-party time-keeping system
  • Run paycheck simulation
  • Perform mass updates, payroll accruals, and payroll check reconciliation
  • Create and work in a next year payroll area without affecting the current year payrolls.
  • Run August payroll accruals
  • Automatically calculate pay rate, daily rate, absence rate, accrual rate, and overtime rate
  • Automatically extract data from Human Resources and Payroll applications to TRS TRAQS
  • Automatically interface payroll expenditures to the Finance general ledger
  • Facilitate Cafeteria 125 sheltered deductions
  • Process Child support ACH payments to attorney general
  • Process deferred 457 and annuity payments
  • Facilitate direct deposit and EFT payments
  • Maintain a historical calendar and school year-to-date data
  • Process leave
  • Process liability check payments
  • Inquiry on check stub, W-2, and previous pay data
  • Perform mass salary calculations and projections with interface to Budget
  • Mass update payroll deductions, employer contribution, deductions, leave earned and used, and employee data
  • Handle a multiple combined salary concepts based on job: annual, daily/hourly, midpoint
  • Create PDF checks with logo and signatures
  • Create PDF on-demand payroll checks with logo and signatures, customized per district
  • Run supplemental payroll for transmittals
  • Process W-2s
  • Calculate number of days employed
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • 941 Worksheets
  • Account Distribution Journals
  • Annual Reports
  • Bank Account Listing
  • Checks and Check Registers
  • Contract Balance Variance Report
  • Earnings by Budget Charged Report
  • Earnings Statement
  • Employee Listings/Rosters
  • Employment Contracts
  • Enumeration Verification Reports
  • FICA Employee Report
  • Leave Accounting System Reports
  • Leave Status Reports
  • Life Insurance Deduction Reports
  • Mailing Labels
  • Pay Distribution Audit Report
  • Payroll Journals and Registers
  • Proof List of Payroll Transactions
  • Remaining Deductions Report
  • Salary Comparability Report
  • Substitute Report by Campus and Name
  • TEC Reporting
  • TRS Reporting
  • W-2 Processing including Third-Party Sick Pay
  • Workers' Compensation Insurance Report
  • Y-T-D Payroll Check Register/Absence Reports
  • Year-to-Date Reports
  • And many more...

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is a cooperative of 19 Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) serving 875 districts across the state and over 1.1 million Texas students. For 50 years the TCC with the TxEIS and iTCCS systems has been the leader in delivering products and services that support Texas LEAs in managing student and business information. Going forward, the TCC will continue to enhance its suite of products, building on our success as the leader in the state in compliance and reporting, further empowering the LEAs to easily make informed decisions and engage stakeholders through powerful yet flexible tools and applications.

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