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iTCCS Requisition

iTCCS Requisition provides all necessary tools for warehousing inventory items and requisitioning warehouse, restock, and other external purchases. Districts can order, maintain, and transfer locally all of the items commonly used by a district. The Requisition application interfaces with iTCCS Finance and the Warehouse sub-system in order to correctly reflect the credits and debits for each transaction. You can also track warehouse requisitions and purchase requisitions, cancel back orders, check the status of requisitions and purchase orders, check general ledger balances and vendor information, and approve purchase orders.

The Requisition application includes the Buyer sub-system, which allows you to restrict district staff at the campus or organization level to specific account codes. This sub-system also facilitates approval paths for requisitions and purchase orders, as well as restock requisitions and purchase orders.

A Warehouse sub-system is also included, which allows you to account for inventory items both in the central warehouse and at satellite locations, as well as perform transfers, receive items, return items to the warehouse, fill back orders, check the status of purchase and restock orders, and suspend the posting of requisitions while physical inventory is taken.


  • Maintain and transfer inventory items
  • Record inventory and purchase order items received
  • Record of warehouse items returned
  • Send purchase orders directly to vendors by email
  • Require multiple approvers for approving purchase orders, warehouse requisitions, restocking requisitions, and authorized payables
  • Save requisitions for additional work
  • Process back orders
  • Set campus-level security
  • Perform inquiries
  • Mass delete requisitions
  • Mass reverse purchase orders
  • Mass update user accounts
  • Set multi-level approval options
  • Establish next year data
  • Dispense and receive items from a central warehouse or campus
  • Create a campus routing table for scheduling deliveries
  • Create a Materials Safety Data Sheet table
  • Automatically add approvers when threshold amounts are exceeded
  • Automatically assign requisition and/or purchase order numbers
  • Automatically email notification for requisitions awaiting approval
  • Display the general ledger
  • Create general ledger transactions for the next fiscal year
  • Allow partial shipments
  • Create PDF purchase orders with logo for district clerk/server/campus
  • Pre-approve requisitions for authorized payables
  • Process requisitions for warehouse, purchase order, inventory restock, and authorized payables
  • Use alternate/additional approver in approval path
  • Maintain and upload vendor bid data
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Back Order Report
  • EOY Outstanding Backorder Cancel
  • Item Number Mass Change
  • Inventory Item History Report
  • Inventory Status Report
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Organization Report
  • Outstanding Requisition Report
  • Reorder Report
  • Print Non-stock Requisitions Pending User Approval
  • Print Requisitions Canceled by Buyer
  • Print Requisitions Waiting Approval
  • Purchase Order Log
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Orders
  • Warehouse Inventory Report by Category/ Description
  • Warehouse Movement Report
  • Warehouse Transaction Register
  • And many more...

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is a cooperative of 19 Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) serving 875 districts across the state and over 1.1 million Texas students. For 50 years the TCC with the TxEIS and iTCCS systems has been the leader in delivering products and services that support Texas LEAs in managing student and business information. Going forward, the TCC will continue to enhance its suite of products, building on our success as the leader in the state in compliance and reporting, further empowering the LEAs to easily make informed decisions and engage stakeholders through powerful yet flexible tools and applications.

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