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iTCCS Registration

The iTCCS Registration application serves as a core database from which other Student applications are designed. With the Registration application, student demographic information is entered once, and the information is available throughout all iTCCS Student applications.

iTCCS Registration also interfaces with the parent portal, txConnect to provide a complete system for online student registration, including manual approval of registration information, and generation of portal IDs to provide parents/guardians with secure access to their student's data.

iTCCS Street Directory is a complementary district-level system that helps ensure the accuracy of student demographic information by providing a way to verify student addresses and school enrollment data. Once the Street Directory is complete, student records are updated by referencing addresses comparing them to the Street Directory records. Zip codes, neighborhood codes, and other information are updated automatically. Using the Street Directory system also imposes consistency in the use of street names, which is helpful for when printing reports and mailing lists. It also helps with enrollment projections.


  • Establish district and campus profiles
  • Enroll students
  • Facilitate online student registration and maintenance of data
  • Maintain demographic data for student, family, and emergency contacts
  • Set district-defined codes
  • Store documents electronically
  • Maintain a campus phone calling list
  • Track leavers
  • Maintain locker numbers
  • Facilitate multi-campus enrollment
  • Maintain bell schedules
  • Process No Show students
  • Generate and maintain student Portal IDs, allowing parent/guardian access to txConnect
  • Maintain principal, counselor, and administrator records
  • Restrict personal information
  • Enroll students in special programs
  • Maintain a street directory system
  • Perform powerful student searches and inquiries
  • Maintain student special alerts
  • Transfer/withdraw/reenter students
  • Maintain subsidiary and secondary campuses
  • Upload Texas unique IDs
  • Extract TREx data
  • And much more...

Jobs and Reports

  • Address labels
  • Age/grade/residence (AGR) cards
  • Alternative campus membership report
  • Bilingual/ESL disciplinary setting report
  • Campus ID of accountability (CIA) update
  • Dropout roster
  • Economic disadvantage code update
  • Eligible migrant report
  • Ethnic report by campus with district recap
  • Identification cards
  • Last year grade and here last year update
  • Leaver tracking and record maintenance
  • Locker number assignment and locker cards
  • Migrant student profile
  • No Show student transfer
  • Non-reported leaver roster (movers)
  • Preprinted student registration forms
  • Register of eligible bus riders
  • Street directory edit and update
  • Student directory
  • Student disaster displacement report
  • Student ethnic distribution by class report
  • Student listing
  • Student online directory location move
  • Student profile comprehensive assessment report
  • Student program membership report
  • Student registration laser cards
  • Student withdrawal/record transfer form
  • And many more...

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is a cooperative of 19 Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) serving 875 districts across the state and over 1.1 million Texas students. For 50 years the TCC with the TxEIS and iTCCS systems has been the leader in delivering products and services that support Texas LEAs in managing student and business information. Going forward, the TCC will continue to enhance its suite of products, building on our success as the leader in the state in compliance and reporting, further empowering the LEAs to easily make informed decisions and engage stakeholders through powerful yet flexible tools and applications.

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is committed to making its websites accessible to all users. It is TCC policy to ensure that new and updated content complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. We welcome comments and suggestions to improve the accessibility of our websites. If the format of any material on our website interferes with your ability to access the information, contact us.

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