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iTCCS Features & Benefits

Cooperative Environment

By being part of a multi-district cooperative, you are a stakeholder and partner. Our partners benefit from sharing resources, products, and expertise. Ongoing user meetings allow clients to discuss strategies for handling common operational concerns, anticipating and addressing future needs, and determining system direction and priorities for enhancements.

Diversified Capabilities

iTCCS focuses on two areas: business and student administrative software. A Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) product complements the primary systems. PEIMS compliance is an integrated part of each application.

A Family of Services

iTCCS offers a tightly-integrated product family with the best price, performance, availability, and manageability you’ll find today. Software applications are designed solely for Texas schools and maintain compliance with all state and federal reporting and accountability requirements.

Enterprise Relational Database

All data for the district exists in a single database, making district-wide standards easy to enforce, thereby ensuring the consistency of data across the district. And, district-wide reports, aggregation of data, and PEIMS are greatly simplified. iTCCS is designed around a relational database which minimizes data redundancies and results in greater data accuracy with less user maintenance.

Real Time and Response Time

iTCCS is a real-time system. When data is added or updated, the transaction is immediately updated in your database. When a report is run, it reflects the most current information, including changes that were made only an instant before. There is no need to upload or merge files before running reports, or to reconcile data afterwards. And, batch jobs can be submitted from an interactive Job Submission environment, which allows real-time submission of batch jobs and mass updates with immediate database updates.

Response time averages one second from the server. Actual end-user response time will depend on the communication system established by the district.

Compliance With Mandates

iTCCS meets all state and federal requirements for reporting and record maintenance. Data edits are consistent with PEIMS data standards. Mandated software updates are automatically made at no additional cost to the district.


While the iTCCS system is comprehensive, some districts need specialized programming to address local needs. iTCCS provides customized programs, pages, and often entire systems. Once developed, these specialized programs can become part of the overall system and are available to all iTCCS users.

Report Development and Management

Over 1,200 standard and commonly used iTCCS reports are currently available at no additional cost, resulting in significant savings for the district. Districts also have access to query tools for generating ad hoc reports. All users can share these district ad hoc reports. The system also allows districts to view reports before printing, and route the reports to any printer in the district, including local workstations.


The system allows districts to determine and control which pages, data sets, and reports each user may access. The district can also determine which users are authorized to update information and which users can only view the data.

Designed for Texas

iTCCS is designed exclusively for Texas local education agencies. The primary goal of all Student and Business applications is to allow for maximum flexibility while maintaining compliance with state and federal reporting and accountability requirements.

Client Driven

User groups and advisory committees set the direction and priorities for iTCCS. User groups meet yearly to decide which enhancements are needed. These enhancements are provided at no additional cost.


The TCC is committed to a total product. New applications are continually added to address the ever-changing needs of your district. An integrated set of Business, Human Resource, Student, and PEIMS applications have been developed as a single, interrelated system.

Automatically Updated

All program, report, and form changes related to state and federal mandates are automatically made at no additional charge. These mandated changes are guaranteed to be made in a timely manner, ensuring that your district maintains compliance with student and business accounting directives.

Data Access

An ongoing iTCCS goal is to provide the greatest degree of data access. iTCCS systems employ an Oracle relational database. Several query tools, including MS Query and Oracle Discoverer allow district administrators greater access to the database for better decision support. Users can generate ad hoc reports and perform data downloads that can be imported into your local programs, such as Microsoft Excel.


The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) has provided information services to Texas school districts for more than 45 years. The programming has been refined over the years to handle subtleties in district requirements and maximum flexibility to each district.

The iTCCS staff averages 15 years of experience working with information systems and 9 years working with iTCCS products. Our staff is knowledgeable about district needs and understands how software changes affect district operations.

User Control and Responsibility

iTCCS allows the district to decide how much control of the data you want, and at which levels within the district. iTCCS products work at various levels within a district, from district-level to campus-level control.

Online Help

The system includes WebHelp, a Help system that features page-level Help, a table of contents, an index, and full-text search. Within the WebHelp, there are process and procedure overviews for each application, as well as other supporting documents that can be found in the table of contents.

Training guides and other supporting documents are available on the FTP site for the iTCCS application.


iTCCS capitalizes on individual strength, and mature and proven technology that works. New technology is thoroughly tested, and products are operationally ready before they are provided to districts, which saves you time and money.

Low Cost

Because the regional education service centers and local education agencies throughout Texas share in the cost of iTCCS, all users experience substantial savings. The iTCCS staff takes responsibility for software development, system maintenance, and problem identification and resolution, not you. Your district also saves thousands of dollars through volume purchasing of stock forms, computer paper, and supplies.

Documentation and Data Usage

Documentation and Data Usage are two units of the Support Services component, serving our clients by producing high-quality, timely, accurate, and easy-to-access documentation for the Business and Student web-based software applications.  Also, decision-support tools are developed that utilize business intelligence technologies for decision makers.

We dedicate ourselves to conciseness, clarity, coherence, and creativity in addressing the information needs of our software products users. We also conduct training workshops that provide opportunities to gain first-hand knowledge of enhancements to existing products, new product development, technological advancements, and special applications and query tools.

Our commitment is to produce industry-standard documentation following Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Society for Technical Communication (STC) standards. Up-to-date desktop publishing capabilities make our documentation more accessible and available to the novice as well as the experienced product user.

Future Direction

While iTCCS focuses on current functionality, it is also continuously evolving to meet emerging and future and district needs. The future of iTCCS is client driven.

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is a cooperative of 19 Texas Education Service Centers (ESCs) serving 875 districts across the state and over 1.1 million Texas students. For 50 years the TCC with the TxEIS and iTCCS systems has been the leader in delivering products and services that support Texas LEAs in managing student and business information. Going forward, the TCC will continue to enhance its suite of products, building on our success as the leader in the state in compliance and reporting, further empowering the LEAs to easily make informed decisions and engage stakeholders through powerful yet flexible tools and applications.

The Texas Computer Cooperative (TCC) is committed to making its websites accessible to all users. It is TCC policy to ensure that new and updated content complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. We welcome comments and suggestions to improve the accessibility of our websites. If the format of any material on our website interferes with your ability to access the information, contact us.

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